Mar 2013

One of the providers changed with short announcement the URL of my storage :-( Hope I catched all links.



Experimented in the rare free time with flash videos. Think the examples in travel and tradition are well done


Oct 2011

Second time in October at the Casa "Irene".
They were rare, but we got them to fair prices, the porcinis and tartufis, even when it was til then a much to dry season. And forget not the little shops in the old town of Nizza. Why go to the supermarket when you get there everything for daily life for similar prices but clear better quality?



Jun 2011

Two weeks at Casa "Irene", one with friends.
We got appointments to visit the cellars of Marchesi di Barolo and the distillery of Berta.



Oct 2010

After many years near Monforte d'Alba, we move to a new place and appartment, now near Nizza Monferato, but to up on a hill. And no joke, when you drive up there are signs at the street to use chains in winter....
A nice place too, not with the Montblanc and Swiss Alps in the back, this is with the smooth hills of the typical looks of the Langhes wine aera.

To bad was back at home the chip of the camera not readable :-(



2 Jan 2010

Three new galeries are online since today.

A small one from the last years Ubersitz in Meiringen.
And two galeries bigger ones from the Indonesia holiday back in June last year. A smaller one taken with my 8M pixel mobile and a bigger one take by friends.



16 Aug 2009

Again a big sorry folks...

But it's done now. I found time to finish the picture gallery and the descriptions of our Indonesia 2005. It's online NOW!
And I try to be faster with everything from the this years visit.



Aug 2009

Have expanded the webspace by other provider and moved over what was deleted by the other one.


July 2009

Got the information from a visitor, that parts of my website are no longer accessible.
Mhh, missed an email? Lost one in the spam filter?
Who knows!


20 Jan 2009

Back in June last year we stayed already in the Piemonte. See in four flash clips my first steps with my new Cam at the markets in Alba and Dogliani, or simply a few impressions of Alba and Monforte.


3 Jan 2009

Two more flash clips are ready and uploaded. This time from the "free night" and the day after...


31 Dec 2008

There is some new webspace and I hope You like the first clips upload there.
Clear, see the current saison, it is high life in Meiringen and the Ubersitz.


29 Dec 2008

Found time to experimenting with HD videos, but must see, there is a need of a few hundred megs of webspace. The first flash clips are ready...


Jun/Oct 2008

A busy year, without much free time to get new impressions, pictures or others for the website.

OK, I'm a proud owner of a real Full HD Cam now, but to have the first webcompatible clip with this new technology is time consuming. New hardware too, new software and time to use last...


31 Dec 2007

"Early" this year the Ubersitz in Meiringen. Again a visit worth.See a few impressions in the new Ubersitz 2007 gallery. Hope that this year too, I did recognize all groups correctly. Sorry for that, but I'm not a native.

Nov/Dec 2007

Perhaps You know it, Tiscali's Swiss branch is sold (back). The old name was Datacomm, the new one is now VTX. Brings a lot of small changes and work for me and most interesting, the domain is again datacomm...

Oh, and I found time to upload a new gallery with pictures of the last October holidays in Piemonte.

Jan 2007

This ISP's. Thank You Susanne M
They not allways offer stable services. Effect, only parts of the pictures are transfered. Moved parts of the newer stuff to another ISP.

1 Jan 2007

One of these rainy days.... and time to do nothing, or have a look at the Ubersitz pictures. When everything is prepared a picture gallery is created fast and when the provider is nice with you, the pictures are in nothing out in the web.



29 Dec 2006

The Ubersitz in Meiringen was once more a visit worth. See a few impressions in the new Ubersitz 2006 gallery. Hope that this year too, I did recognize all groups correctly.



May 2006
Oct 2006

No big holidays this year, but two time a nice time in Piemonte. First time end of May. Something different then the usual stay in October. It has truffels too, but only black summer truffels. See some impressions from both stays in the galleries.



Nov 2005

We traveled once more through Indonesia. I know the 2002 description is still not finished, but this time, a picture gallery is just online. A little bit simpler then the last ones with the film design.... Sorry folks, still not ready on the web.

Claro, are there in the description and the link and addresses pages new hotels and restaurants listed.



2 Oct 2005

All commercials removed from the website. Much better speed now to load the first pages.



15 Sep 2005

Back, September 10th, we had once more our traditional family guild day. As tradition for this event requires, the daily program must have a boat tour on the River Rhine above Schaffhausen.

Have a look at the impression in my galleries.



31 July 2005

One Year of commercials on my website. Result, mhh... A large amount of hits as they wrote in the weekly/monthly protocol, but to earn a lot of money....



2 Jan 2005

The Ubersitz in Meiringen was again a visit worth. See a few impressions in the new Ubersitz 2004 gallery. Hope that this year I did recognize all groups correctly.
In addition a few external links corrected.



28 July 2004

I've added the first banners. Hope, that ......

I got more then 100 mails since the last time with your votes, about my face, role, figure or current status. See the results in the 2ns "about me" page. Do You really think I'm a sexy girl or a slave?



22 July 2004

A website needs a lot of time to be up-to-date. That is one side. The other, there is a huch amount of costs. For the web address and for the web space. The pictures do not use only a few megabytes. Each large one is about 100K.
Hope to earn with a few banners some bucks to pay my bills and to reduce my personal costs.



15 Jun 2004

Two weeks of holiday. First, more then a week wellness in Tirol, Austria. After, a few days in Piemonte. Hope to bring a few nice pictures online soon.



31 Jan 2004

Corrected a big mistake in the Ubersitz 2003 gallery. Thanks a lot to Kim to send me a message about it.


2 Jan 2004

Once again I stayed in Meiringen before the end of last year and visited the "Trichler" at the Ubersitz.


25 Dec 2003

I added my site to two more webrings, to give the surfers there a chance to find my pictures and informations.


11 July 2003

The email address in contacts secured to make live for "harvester" a bit harder.


24 June 2003

The Florida Vacation Page finished and deployed to the web server.
Impressions, Fun and a lot of pictures from Florida. Most of the links to other websites for fun, food and bed already added in the link section.



11 June 2003

The "Description of this years Florida vacation" Subpage work is in progess.
A lot of new links added.



30 May 2003

Website statistics by Nedstat Basic implemented.



13 Feb 2003

More small corrections.



5 Jan 2003

Some small corrections.



4 Nov 2002

Links added.
Specially the link to the website of the Cascina Gagliassi in Piemonte added.


12 Oct 2002

Gallery Cruise above the Rheinfall added.
New links added.


25 Aug 2002

Gallery Cruise below the Rheinfall added.
New links added.
I got more then 50 mails with your votes, about my face, role, figure or current status. All I can say, this are your opinions.



15 Jul 2002

A first part of this years Indonesia vacation with detailed description added. Better the first part of the days we stayed in Singapore.
In the "Links Pages" I changed some ratings, correct some links, or add new ones.



19 May 2002

A new gallery with pictures from the Jungfraujoch tour added. This was the special promotion from the 100 year birthday of Raiffeisen Bancs in Switzerland.

New Webrings added, to hope to share my experience with more people.

A description page startet with the holidays this year in Indonesia.



27 Apr 2002

A new gallery with pictures from the Piemonte added. These are some impressions from the last long weekend in October last year.
Since a few weeks I'm member of the SETI project, the search for extraterrestrial Inteligence and I'm already done the analysis for one data package.

I got more then 20 mails with your votes, about my face, role, figure or current status. I hope you're only joking.



7 Apr 2002

A new gallery with pictures from the Meiringen-Hasliberg region added. The pictures were take during a skiing day in early April 2002. A week with this typical beautiful Spring conditions (snow and wether).
The galleries splittet in three subgalleries for a better overview.



5 Apr 2002

Corrected the background structures for the web search machines.
A few pictures added in the Orchid gallery.



31 Mar 2002

Some information of the Piemonte, Italy added, with wines, grapes, dining, and more.
Corrections of some links to other websites.
Startet with Wine and Dine.



16 Mar 2002

New gallery with pictures from our E81 "meeting" in Bellinzona, Ticino, Switzerland. 20 years since the technical highschool, or 20 years as engineer. At the beginning of September, 2001, two days with a lot of talking, hitch-hiking, good food and wine.



9 Mar 2002

The description of the 1989 Indonesian holidays added. The highlights were the tour up on Mount Bromo in East Java, visit of Tana Toraja, Sulawesi and a Rice Paddy Trekking in Bali.

New links added. A page with addresses created. A year added to my private rating, so you get a better knowledge about the "age" of my experience.



24 Feb 2002

A small step to be more user/surfer friendly. In the travel descriptions, there is now ONE popup window for the "large" pictures. So when you click on one of the "icon", there is only one windows opened.



20 Feb 2002

I got more then 30 mails with your votes, about my face, role, figure or current status. What should  I say? This are your opinions. OK, I must be fare, one sender has voted in this period more then once, and always for the same role. My question is now, every mail a vote, or every sender?
Very interesting the detailed description in some mails, what I should wear, what the sender wants to do with me. No, I don't go in any details, that's for another kind of website.



12 Feb 2002

More and hopefully better metatags. Direct link entry in first frame.
Found my first "trial" website (free hosting service) in different search machines.



10 Feb 2002

Some corrections in texts. Short description in the "mainpage".



3 Feb 2002

Running out of webspace with the free offer from Tiscali. Done an official registration with my domain at Tiscali, and rent some webspace.

My website moved to my new domain. Stored a hint there, so "old" surfer can find my new place.

The description of the 1998 Indonesian holidays added. The highlight was the one week tour through Flores, from Laboan Bajo to Maumere.



1 Feb 2002

The "About Me" Page added.
More links added.



30 Jan 2002

Some corrections in the description of the 1999 Indonesian holidays and new icons with pictures added from Sumba and Bali.

New gallery with 14 pictures of orchids added. Some are from the botanical garden in Singapore, others from the Orchid Garden on Sentosa, from the hotel park on Samosir, Lake Toba, Sumatra and last but not least a few from my own cultures.



20 Jan 2002

Last week I get my domain. Nothing less than a DOT COM. It take 24 hours until the mapping from to the free hosting of Tiscali was working. The email address, where you can send comments, requests or a simple hello has changed too. I'm added to a German webring for "Photo Reiseberichte".



13 Jan 2002

A lot of links and emails added.

The description of our 1999 Indonesian holidays added. The highlight was the one week tour in Sumba, from Tambolaka to Waingapu.



8 Jan 2002

Some minor changes



6 Jan 2002

At interest startet with a travelling site



2 Jan 2002

Email added. Some copyright stuff, too.



1 Jan 2002

More Work on the home page. This NEWS page created.



31 Dec 2001

Done some research for redirection of my URL to a free hosting service. Found something. Hope it will work.



30 Dec 2001

First time published on the web



Dec 2001

First step to my own home page