A few historical data about myself

The beginning.
It is more then fourty years ago, when everything starts as a "small worm" of 52cm and 3.5kg.
The first years we stayed at my mother Grandpa in Balgach. After that, two places at the "Promende" in Rorschacherberg follows.
And so starts my school carrier.
But slow please. First three years of Kindergarten in "Schönbrunn", Rorschach. Every day like a trip half around the world, and true, by feet. Today only bus school bus, because it is to far or to dangerous.

Once upon a time ... (2nd class)

Three years Primary school at the "Langmoos" school in Rorschacherberg. The teacher was Mr Schawalder. Learning my first foreign language, German.

Wow, the first in color (5th class)

Two years Primary school at the "Steig" school in Roschacherberg. The teacher Mr Heeb.
Moving to the "Mühletobel" SBB (Federated Swiss Railways) "village".
The last year Primary school at the "Mühletobel" school in Rorschach. The teacher Mr Lüchinger.
Three years Secondary school at the "Sek" in Rorschach. The first two years the class teacher was Mr Frei, the last year a change to Mr Genscher and in a higher level too. Here the second foreign language, French and in the last year English too.
A first intermezzo with a profession.
Four years i've learned the job of an electro mechanic at the company Starrag or Rigid, Rorschacherberg. The accompanying school was at the "Riethüsli" in St. Gallen.
The last three years the company allows me to visit the "Profession Middle School". More French, English, but too a lot of physics, mathematics, etc. The school was at the "Kirchgasse" in St. Gallen. The school sells me my first computer, better calculator, with the size of a videocassette and what you get today in a creditcard with solarpower and more.
After this, working for three month, mostly late evening or early morning as a simple worker. But this gets the most money for the first non europeanne holidays.
In June 1978 we traveld four weeks through the southwest of the USA.
Another intermezzo, the Swiss Army.
My carrier at the Swiss Army was short. Only 19 days in summer 1978 til my accident (football or soccer playing).
More school, or better, I'm now a student. Three years at the "Ingenieur Schule Rapperswil". Got my diplomas in November 1981, specialised in "Regeltechnik, Digitaltechnik and Informatik". Sometimes an easy time, sometime very hard. More German, French and English. Chemistry, physics (all from the simple mechanics, hydraulic, astrophysics, something about quarks, neutrinos, etc). Learning Pascal as a first programing language, later Basic and Fortran IV and assembler. And yes we built our own microcomputer, 4bit, 256bit microcode rom, highest speed about 1Hz. But it works, needs a large table for all this chips, and controls a traffic light.
My second computer, a Texas Ti 58. I had not more money for the 59 or an HP. The machine of the school, a PDP 11/45 with 256KB and RSTS/E for 200 students. Later in the labors, we had our own LSI 11/23 with 64KB and RT-11 or RSX-11. In our class we had a lot of discussions, is the Intel 8086 or 8088 better then a Motorola 6809 or 68000, or perhaps the Zilog Z80 or Z8001, or at least the CPU of National ? Is it better to use the static memories (Ram's) from Hitachi with 2k x 8bit for Fr 300.- each, or dynamic ram with 1k x 1bit for Fr 10.- each.
And we do some research.
The first work was a crosscompiler in Pascal for Pascal on a Motorola 6809 system, with 64KB Ram, 8" floppy drive, but nothing like a BIOS. This must be written by ourself, including something like an OS for the basic IO operations (floppy, screen, keyboard).
The second work, a game "Mühle". First we thought, wow easy, output on a Hazeltine screen, but there was a real graphical part with a Tektronix erasable onecolor screen and we must use a software package from Calcomp. One Word: Horrible!
The last work, a microcomputer system with an Motorola 6809 and a complete optical systembus. The glasfibers could transfer 1Mbit. Nearly to slow for the CPU, but with 125kHz, the whole system was running.
And we did another research. How could we crack the main school computer? We did it. OK, we had access to this "not so public" handbooks for the "kernelcalls" of the RSTS. A small Pascal program, some inline PDP-11 machinecode, that was it. We created us our on "root" accounts in the group [1,*], changed some teachers passwords, nothing dramatic.
 Move to Zurich.
There I worked 14 years for the same company as software developer, system administrator on VAX/VMS and as database administrator. First I had to learn PL/1, later Fortran 77, C, SQL and VAX assembler. We're using PDP's with RSX11/M, VAX 730, VAX 6210, microVAXes, VAXstations, HP workstation, Sun workstations, IBM RS 6000, PC's from Olivetti, the M20 with PCOS, others with DOS, Windows 3.1, Novell, etc. The first ten years was the company fast growing, perhaps to fast. Then problems with the western economy, the problems behind the iron curtain (Glasnost, Perestrojka). The company was hit by the mistakes from the past, no clear structures, no marketing concepts, no businessplans, etc. First was the closing of the department in Germany, and firing peoples, down from 45 to 16 and at the moment, I think there are 6 people left. A lot of travelling on job to customers in:

Switzerland (Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lugano, etc), Lichtenstein, Austria (Linz, Vienna, Reutte, etc), Italy (Milano), France (Paris), Netherlands (Rotterdam, etc), Germany (Lippstadt, Münster, Hannover, Düsseldorf, Hamburg-Bergedorf, Essen, Karlsruhe, Nürnberg, Stuttgart, Ulm, etc ), USSR (Moskow, Gorki).

Lippstadt and Bergedorf are very long relationships, with many weeks of staying there every year. This allows more then the normal "producer" customer relation with the people there.

But not only on job. During my holidays I visited:

Luxenbourg, Belgien, France, Monaco, Vatican,  Netherlands, Ireland, England, Scotland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Finland, Tunesia, USA, Russia, Guadeloupe, Kenia, Canda, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and more.
And now, since a few years, I changed the side (from developer to user) and the business too, from developer of the production sector to the bank and insurence sector, better to an insurence company. My job is everything around the Oracle databases, from installation, creation, administration, testing, tuning, connectivity (PC to Unix, Oracle Names), internal developer support, tools research, etc.
Since more than twenty years my length is 175cm. The weight, mhhh, from 70kg up to 89kg and at the moment always less then 80kg.
My hobbies (when there is some time left):

Travelling, Wine and Dine, the current company (?), collecting stamps, Railroads (indoor, outdoor, livesteam), and, and, and, ......

A beer belly ? A couch potato ?
 Grey hairs ?

have a look, click on the dino to get an idea

but be carful, am no longer so fast !